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Elevate Your Easter: Floral Styling

With just a couple of days until Easter, I thought I would share with you a couple of very simple yet impactful centrepieces you can create for your Easter table, using mostly supermarket flowers.

All the supermarkets have really upped their floral game recently, with pretty spring blossom bouquets in abundance that are also easy on the Easter pocket. To create this blog post, I picked up a few bunches that were reduced but still in great condition from my local supermarket along with some long stemmed Stock in pretty spring shades from my local florist Bretts in Naas, for that true country garden feel. 

I love Stock, it is such a pretty traditional flower, and it's great to celebrate the gorgeous garden varieties we have closer to home as opposed to more exotic stems native to further afield.

Tall Floral Centrepiece

The first centrepiece is the easiest, though it can look more complicated than it is. You will need:

  • A tall clear vase
  • A clear plastic hi-ball glass, or a a plastic bottle (carefully cut in half!) to allow approx 1 inch gap between the wall of the vase and the tumbler
  • Water
  • Pair of strong florist scissors / garden secateurs and a knife
  • 3 to 4 lemons (depending on the size of vase)

To start, ensure your vase is perfectly clean (this will help prolong the life of the lemon slices). Fill the plastic glass three quarters up with water and add some flower food if available. I suggest half a typical sachet. Carefully place in the centre of the vase. 

Slice the lemons into thick slices and start to layer up from the bottom of the vase, hiding the plastic glass. 

Trim a couple of centimetres off each stem - Stock can be quite woody, so take care and use a pair of strong florist's scissors or garden secateurs to do this. Arrange the stems by placing each inside the hi-ball one by one.

And voila! Striking centrepiece for your Easter table or hallway.

Long Table Centrepiece 

To create a linear floral centrepiece I have used an old wooden tool box. You can find similar wooden creates and boxes in stores like TK Maxx and Homesense or even a budget friendly plastic window box would work. If you had some time, you could even spray one a pretty pastel colour. 

For this display you will need:
  • A long wooden box, window box or other suitable container
  • A couple of blocks of floral oasis and a tray for each (depends on size of your box/container)
  • Plastic sheeting or bag to line inside of the container.
  • Pair of floral scissors /secretares and a knife
  • 3 to 4 lemons (depending on the size of vase)

Steep the floral oasis in water in the sink or basin of water.  Line your box with the plastic sheeting to waterproof and help with any spillage when later watering the display. I just used the plastic covering that the flowers were wrapped in.

Insert the oasis in their trays inside the box.

Using the fuller flowered stems to start, trim to the desired length, and starting from the centre place your first stem into the oasis. Then to balance, place similar sized stems at either end.

Ensure a good colour mix. Now start to fill in the gaps with the remaining foliage. Don't be afraid to add in some foliage from your garden too! Ensure both sides evenly filled and balanced. 

And there you have it, another simple, yet stunning spring floral display for your Easter table to wow your guests. 


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