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Dramatic Monochromatic // IKEA x Bea Åkerlund

Holy Kallax! You may want to sit down on your Ektorp sofa for this one, especially considering we have all been staring into colourless white space over the past week with 'The Beast from the East' and 'Storm Emma', so your eyes may not be ready for such a visual feast.

IKEA have definitely been thinking outside of the self-assembly box with their latest 'on the edge' collaboration with fashion activist Bea Åkerlund. They literally have gone topsy-turvy on what one might expect from an IKEA collaboration.

Swedish fashion activist  Bea Åkerlund may not yet be a household name, but her over-the-top style and fashion influence is instantly recognisable - she has collaborated with names such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna, Fergie and Britney, fusing her unique style with theirs to amplify their personal style both on stage and in music videos, creating some iconic costume numbers and memorable overall visual impact.

This striking limited edition collection with IKEA is an utterly unique adventure in interiors style with gothic undertones, nods to old-school Hollywood glam, and a modern take on aspects of the story of Alice in Wonderland. It takes you down a stunningly designed rabbit hole of monochromatic designs, punctured with pops of striking red (Bea's signature style is the red lip). 

From large glass hats, black and white striped wallpaper to lush red lip-shaped pillows and 3D-printed hands, OMEDELBAR is a truly theatrical collection with which you can have full on fun in adorning your bedroom or dressing room in the most dramatic way possible, or simply nod to its unserious style by injecting some conversation pieces into your space. 

At first glance, its quite full on but once I adjusted to the initial intensity,  elements began to speak to my personal love of the monochromatic.  The pieces I like most include the black 'B' light (for obvious reasons!) - I would love this is my workspace. I also love the gold clothes rail, striped wallpaper and fringed black lampshade.

Look a little closer again, and you see some practical magic too, with cool storage solutions, like hat boxes, storage pouffes, shoe boxes, luxury hangers along with a stunning clothes rail with gold piping, which has a luxe meets industrial vibe.

OMEDELBAR curved clothes hanger €7.50 x 2 pack

OMEDELBAR box with lid (Set of 2)  €29

OMEDELBAR shoe box €12 x 2 pack

OMEDELBAR clothes rack Gold/Black €129

OMEDELBAR black fringed lampshade €10 and €15

OMEDELBAR Lips cushion cover €7

OMEDELBAR black & white striped wallpaper €7

The other pieces that caught my eye were the leopard print style rug, and this cushion that eptomises Bea's belief in just being who you are.

OMEDELBAR brown leopard print rug €50

OMEDELBAR 'B who you are Cushion' €8

The collection is now available in-store and online at IKEA - so as the white rabbit would say you mustn't be late, you mustn't be late!


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