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Cold November Rain // Six Sublime Umbrella Stands

If like Axel Rose when he laments lost love, you've been out walking in the cold November Rain, then chances are (if today's anything to go by) you've a very wet umbrella to store when you get home. Yet, despite being well versed in rainy weather we don't always have somewhere to store these soggy messes when we return. We only ever remember we need somewhere, or something, when we literally arrive in the door drenched with said soaking brolly in hand.

Umbrella stands have been around as long as umbrellas and despite being in a climate where we spent most of the year dashing in and out of showers varying from a light misting to a torrential downpour they are not high on our interiors priority list. So, to remedy this and to ensure your entryway has both function and form, I have put together an edit of six sublime umbrella stands. 

1. Marble Umbrella Stand - West Elm

As umbrella stands go, this one certainly makes a splash in the style stakes. Made of marble and antique brass-finished metal, West Elm's marble umbrella stand is both beautiful and practical.

2. Umbra Hub Umbrella Stand  - Debenhams

I really like the Scandi-chic vibe and simple design of this Umbra hub umbrella stand from Debenhams. It also has hooks so perfect for storing those smaller brollies.

3. Kartell Black umbrella stand - Amara

Designed by Gino Colombini, this sleek black umbrella stand by Kartell from Amara is perfect for a divinely dark decor or for a touch of understated luxury. 

4. Iznik Umbrella Stand - Oka

Made from solid porcelain and hand-decorated with a beautiful design this Oka Iznik umbrella stand is bound to elevate your entryway.

5. Red London Phone Box Umbrella Stand - Amazon

I love this fun Red Phone Box umbrella stand from Amazon. It's stainless steel, will surely add a pop of colour to your hallway and is bound to be a talking point when guests arrive to your home. 

6. Cascando Flow 1 Umbrella Stand - Material Life

This is more than a stand, this is an art piece. The clean lines and crisp aesthetic of this Flow Umbrella Stand by Cascando from Material Life make its form far more desirable than its function. Stunning.

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