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West Elm // Brooklyn's finest arrives at Arnotts

To say I am excited by this recent news, is an understatement. For the past while now, my Instagram feed, favourite interiors sites, and interiors magazines have all taunted me with the most exquisite pieces of furniture, soft furnishings and home accessories by Brooklyn's finest mid-century inspired and modern furniture purveyors, West Elm.



Desperately Seeking Succulents

"It's not easy being green "- to quote Kermit the Frog's song of froggy woes, and I have proven that true, time and time again over the years. Lord knows how many basil plants I've sentenced to the organic recycling in my time. 

Indoor plants have become a 'growing' trend over the last year or so, and as always Instagram and Pinterest have become plentiful with plant-filled homes, that really inspired me to dip my toe back into the compost - so to speak. But my worry was, would the usual botanical botch ups ensue?


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