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7 Last Minute Amazing Beauty Gifts They'll Love You For

Okay, so it's tight. Very tight. We're already on the back foot a bit with it being the shortest day of the year, and there are just four days to go. But hey, "no pressure, no diamond" as they say.



Five Favourite Festive Candles

One of the best things about Christmas time for me, is having lush candles with evocative scents dotted around the house to really set the festive mood...



Cool Lights from Bright Sparks

I still can't quite believe how quickly this year went and how we are now into the depths of winter. It felt like only a few weeks ago we were enjoying quite a balmy late September and Mr T was determined to keep barbecuing for as long as he could (defeat was only given into after one torrential downpour led to rushing indoors with soggy buns and half-cooked burgers).


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