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A little lip service

Is it just me or is it really cold for April? Between the drying effect of central heating and the sharp biting winds our lips can quickly become dry and chapped and lose their lusciousness.  To avoid this, I  keep a little pot of magic to hand. ByTerry Baume de Rose lip balm is a small beautifully packaged product that packs a big punch. 
It’s been part of my daily skincare routine since I was first introduced to it while working at  Space NK Apothecary.  Its luxuriously rich texture instantly moisturises, smooths and plumps the lips and with  SPF15 it helps to keep lips protected year round from the effects of the sun. Once applied it gives a beautiful sheen with a very subtle hint of pink –  perfect on its own for a pared back natural look, or as a hydrating base to help your chosen lip colour glide on effortlessly.  It also doubles as nourishing cuticle cream.  Basically, it’s the balm.

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