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A Brush with Danger

Dirty make-up brushes are often the biggest culprits for harbouring thousands of bacteria, which they can transfer from product to product so it’s important to clean them regularly. Check out my top tips below for keeping your brushes and make-up super clean, and ready to preen.

  • The Golden Rule. It’s the simplest rule, but it’s one of the most important. ALWAYS wash or sanitise your hands before applying your make-up. 
  • Brush up on hygiene. To keep them squeaky clean use a brush cleaner after each use (MAC, Laura Mercier, and Shu Uemura do good ones) or an excellent budget saving tip is to spritz them with pure alcohol (surgical spirits) carefully decanted into a suitable spray bottle (try Boots) and wipe off excess on a tissue.  Once a week, wash them thoroughly with a gentle shampoo – I use Johnson’s baby shampoo. Remember don’t immerse your entire brush in water otherwise they can fall apart - just massage shampoo into the brush head, rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water, and leave to dry overnight on a clean towel

  • Keep a lid on it! Always replace lids on products to stop air or bacteria entering it. Products like mascaras and gel eyeliners will dry out if you don’t replace the lids so it’s worth getting into the habit to save on product waste.
  • Sharpen up. Sharpen lip and eye pencils after each use to avoid bacteria harbouring on them. A sharpened tip also ensures more precise application.
  • Beyond a shadow of doubt. Lightly mist your powder eye shadows with a pure alcohol spritz (not suitable for cream textures) to kill any surface bacteria. The alcohol will evaporate and will not harm the shadow. Use baby wipes around the outer packaging to keep nice and clean.

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