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A Brush with Danger

Dirty make-up brushes are often the biggest culprits for harbouring thousands of bacteria, which they can transfer from product to product so it’s important to clean them regularly. Check out my top tips below for keeping your brushes and make-up super clean, and ready to preen.



A little lip service

Is it just me or is it really cold for April? Between the drying effect of central heating and the sharp biting winds our lips can quickly become dry and chapped and lose their lusciousness.  To avoid this, I  keep a little pot of magic to hand. ByTerry Baume de Rose lip balm is a small beautifully packaged product that packs a big punch. 


Top Tip Tuesdays:Self-Made // Self-Raising Flour

TOP TIP: If you're baking something that the recipe says requires self-raising flour, but you only have plain flour  - don't worry. You can make your own equivalent by adding one teaspoon of baking powder for every 5 ounces (150g) of plain flour. So no need to dash out to the shops!


How to keep flowers fabulous for longer

Living and Beauty: How to keep flowers fabulous for longer

Flowers have long been my Friday treat. There is nothing nicer than having fresh flowers dotted around the house for the weekend. 



April Showers: Shower gels worth splashing out on this month

When it comes to shower gels, I'm definitely more team champagne than team lemonade.

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