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Perfect Palermo Polish

Olivia Palermo for Ciate London Nantucket Nail Polish

You know the scene. You walk into TK Maxx for a browse not looking for anything in particular, just having a casual stroll around when suddenly you spot something you weren't even looking for, don't actually need, but suddenly must have. So, of course as soon as I spotted a small cluster of über cool fashionista Olivia Palermo for Ciaté London nail polish collection I had to snap one up.
It doesn't seem that long ago that Olivia Palermo launched her collaboration with Ciaté London to much aplomb,  so I was surprised to find some of her much coveted collection on sale there at such a great price point - 9.99 Euros! I bought the shade 'Nantucket' - a chic coral hue that adds a dash of welcome colour in this current gloomy weather and it will be a fantastic shade to sport on hands and toes this coming summer. 

Olivia Palermo for Ciate London Nantucket Nail Polish

Beautiful packaging alludes to the quality of the product within, and it does not disappoint. The texture is fabulous and the colour density is very good giving lovely coverage with just one coat. The brush is a dream to work with and distributes an even amount of product. It's quick drying too,  which I love as I am a serial smudger! I now just wish I'd bought more shades! 

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