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7 Last Minute Amazing Beauty Gifts They'll Love You For

Okay, so it's tight. Very tight. We're already on the back foot a bit with it being the shortest day of the year, and there are just four days to go. But hey, "no pressure, no diamond" as they say.



Five Favourite Festive Candles

One of the best things about Christmas time for me, is having lush candles with evocative scents dotted around the house to really set the festive mood...



Cool Lights from Bright Sparks

I still can't quite believe how quickly this year went and how we are now into the depths of winter. It felt like only a few weeks ago we were enjoying quite a balmy late September and Mr T was determined to keep barbecuing for as long as he could (defeat was only given into after one torrential downpour led to rushing indoors with soggy buns and half-cooked burgers).



In Search of Salvation

I still remember my reaction the first time I went to The Store Yard. "Here?", "are you sure that Sat Nav is right?". I'd heard about this amazing architectural salvage and antiques place in Portlaoise, County Laois and couldn't wait to go there, and though I didn't really know what to expect, it wasn't what I'd expected. 



A New Home in Dublin - John Lewis Arrives to Arnotts

When I moved back to Ireland from Edinburgh a few years ago I knew there would be many things I would miss about living in the UK. John Lewis was most certainly one of them. It's the barometer of excellence in retail for the UK High Street.



Halloween Chic

It's almost Halloween! I've been looking up some chic Halloween and autumnal decor ideas to decorate our home and have found some fab pieces, which I will share with you when I've finished adding them round the house. Here are some of my favourite tricks to try, and treats to buy to add a sophisticated touch to your spooky decor.



An Offaly Nice Experience: Tullamore Dew Whiskey Visitor Centre

Most of Ireland is currently fixated on The National Ploughing Championships - Europe's largest outdoor exhibition and agricultural show -  in Screggan, on the outskirts of Tullamore, County Offaly. But travel a little further into the town itself, and you'll find an amber-filled oasis, away from the hustle and bustle of stands and stalls - the Tullamore Dew Whiskey Visitor Centre



Back to Cool - My Top Six Stationery Picks

Was there ever anything cooler than opening your 'mála scoile' (Irish for school bag) on the first day back to reveal your new pencil case packed with fancy pens and erasers to go with your fancy jotters?


Top Tip Tuesdays: Tonic Water Ice for perfect G&T

Living and Beauty: Perfect Gin and Tonic

TOP TIP: This weather is just fabulous and needs to be enjoyed to the max! So, if like me you enjoy a delicious G&T in the garden but hate it when the ice melts and dilutes the flavour, then here's a genius little tip!


Chocolate Dipped Madeleines

Living and Beauty Chocolate Dipped Madeleines

A few years ago I was staying with my friend in the Scottish Borders and on Sunday morning her very elegant neighbour popped round for coffee and brought with her freshly baked french madeleines - it was to me such an effortlessly chic and personal gesture and the madeleines were like manna from heaven - warm and buttery sponge in those beautiful scalloped shapes.


Top Tip Tuesdays: Olive Oil

If you find your cuticles are a little dry  but don't have any nail oil to hand, try massaging a little olive oil into your nails - works a treat and is very budget friendly too. 


A Brush with Danger

Dirty make-up brushes are often the biggest culprits for harbouring thousands of bacteria, which they can transfer from product to product so it’s important to clean them regularly. Check out my top tips below for keeping your brushes and make-up super clean, and ready to preen.



A little lip service

Is it just me or is it really cold for April? Between the drying effect of central heating and the sharp biting winds our lips can quickly become dry and chapped and lose their lusciousness.  To avoid this, I  keep a little pot of magic to hand. ByTerry Baume de Rose lip balm is a small beautifully packaged product that packs a big punch. 


Top Tip Tuesdays:Self-Made // Self-Raising Flour

TOP TIP: If you're baking something that the recipe says requires self-raising flour, but you only have plain flour  - don't worry. You can make your own equivalent by adding one teaspoon of baking powder for every 5 ounces (150g) of plain flour. So no need to dash out to the shops!


How to keep flowers fabulous for longer

Living and Beauty: How to keep flowers fabulous for longer

Flowers have long been my Friday treat. There is nothing nicer than having fresh flowers dotted around the house for the weekend. 



April Showers: Shower gels worth splashing out on this month

When it comes to shower gels, I'm definitely more team champagne than team lemonade.


Homeware Haul: Lush Green Tones

Penneys Primark Homeware Haul

I'm beginning to bore a little of everything beige (though I am firmly holding onto my grasp of grey) and of late strong blues and greens have been creeping into my colour spectrum.


Easter Treats: Lemon Victoria Sponge

Lemon Victoria Sponge

I've been trying to do more homebaking of late. So, for a wee Easter weekend treat I made a lovely lemon Victoria sponge - a slight twist on the classic traditional Sunday tea-time treat.



Orange is the new Baies

The White Company Orange Grove Room Spray

As we move further into spring, the weather rotates between blustery rainy days like today,  to gloriously sunny spring days like we had last week, but everyday is like summer in our bedroom with my favourite room spray 'Orange Grove' by my favourite store The White Company.


Perfect Palermo Polish

Olivia Palermo for Ciate London Nantucket Nail Polish

You know the scene. You walk into TK Maxx for a browse not looking for anything in particular, just having a casual stroll around when suddenly you spot something you weren't even looking for, don't actually need, but suddenly must have. So, of course as soon as I spotted a small cluster of über cool fashionista Olivia Palermo for Ciaté London nail polish collection I had to snap one up.

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