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A Candle Fit For A Princess... - la Bougie Candle Infloresence

I've always been fascinated by the beauty and elegance of Grace Kelly. My mother looked after her when she stayed in the hotel my mother worked in during her official royal visit to Dublin in the '60s. A story where your mother meets a real life princess, is one any young girl can’t help but love to hear.
So I grew up asking countless times to be told the tale about her encounter with the beautiful actress, who became a serene princess. 

So, when chandler extraordinaire Lucy Hagerty of Irish luxury brand La Bougie described her latest fragrance ‘Inflorescence’ to me as “like being inside Grace Kelly’s handbag” I was naturally intrigued. Of course, Lucy does have some insight into what One’s royal arm candy might be scented of - she previously held an illustrious career as a chef in the royal household of The Duchess of York, before further honing her expert senses of smell and taste with over 10 years training as a perfumer and chandler. - la Bougie Candle Infloresence

'Inflorescence' is a delicate, elegant floral scented candle. It's reminiscent of a combination of fresh roses, classic french parfum and exquisitely scented talcum powder and oozes femininity and old school Hollywood charm. It evokes an ethereal sense of how the beautiful film starlet’s Hermѐs bag or vanity table might have smelled. It's more subtle than my other favourites from the La Bougie range such as the deeply evocative Dark Rose and Myrtle and the muskier cologne-like Sage and Bitter Orange. 

I burn scented candles every day and keep various scents on hand depending on the mood I wish to achieve, and the room in which they burn – citrus and fresh in the bathroom and kitchen; calming and serene in the bedroom; and warm and cosy in the living room. I only burn high quality candles as they throw a better scent and last much longer. I first stumbled upon the La Bougie range in ‘Hedgerows’, a little boutique gift store in Birr, Co. Offaly. Initially, I thought it was a French brand (‘La Bougie’ meaning candle in French) as I found the quality to be on a par with my favourite French candle brand ‘Diptyque’ at a fraction of the price at just shy of 20 Euros. I was then mightily impressed to find it was in fact an Irish brand. - la Bougie Candle Infloresence

Lucy creates each scent from scratch in her own perfumery in Cork, using essential oils and aromatics carefully sourced from around the world. Each fragrance comprises of anything up to 140 elements blended to create the exact scent Lucy has envisioned and the entire process can take months, even years, to perfect. Once the desired fragrance is achieved, it requires a blend of up to five different waxes and a careful selection from   over 15,000 wick and wax combinations to achieve the optimum 'scent throw'. 

Finally, each candle is hand poured into opaque glasses before eventually being individually wrapped in tissue paper and beautifully boxed. It is a joy to the senses to unbox one of these candles as the scent springs forth from the paper hinting at the fabulous fragrance locked within.

As I sit here writing, with the Inflorescence candle burning and the
room enveloped in its sublime scent, I try to imagine Grace Kelly; hands encased within crisp white gloves quietly rooting in the bottom of her Hermѐs bag trying to find a handkerchief or locate a beautiful powder compact or golden tube of lipstick. I'm sure princesses and Hollywood starlets alike also encountered that timeless problem.

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