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Dreaming of a White Christmas // The White Company at Kildare Village The White Company

When I left Edinburgh to return home to Ireland people often asked me what I missed most. Of course the obvious things like friends, the cool relaxed mode of living in Edinburgh and the city itself - its stunning architecture, old cobbled streets, its nooks and crannies and old stone stairs tucked in between buildings - I could go on and on. And then there were the lifestyle aspects like bars and restaurants and shops. When it came to shops, The White Company was one I missed the most.


Spend Big for Small Business Saturday

Claire and Tom The Old Mill Stores Cork

Today is Small Business Saturday, so here's to the purveyors of the niche, the makers of cool, those captains of small industries who tirelessly make and or sell the most interesting products. In a world of big and bland when you want to find something unique these days for your home, I guarantee you will find it in a small business. I have listed below only a tiny selection of some of my favourite small businesses with a top interiors pick or two from each.


Cold November Rain // Six Sublime Umbrella Stands

If like Axel Rose when he laments lost love, you've been out walking in the cold November Rain, then chances are (if today's anything to go by) you've a very wet umbrella to store when you get home. Yet, despite being well versed in rainy weather we don't always have somewhere to store these soggy messes when we return. We only ever remember we need somewhere, or something, when we literally arrive in the door drenched with said soaking brolly in hand.


Arnotts 20% Off // My Homewares Lust List

I love a good bargain and nothing makes my interiors heart fill with joy quite like a sale event. Especially if there are classic pieces to be had at a rare reduction.


West Elm // Brooklyn's finest arrives at Arnotts

To say I am excited by this recent news, is an understatement. For the past while now, my Instagram feed, favourite interiors sites, and interiors magazines have all taunted me with the most exquisite pieces of furniture, soft furnishings and home accessories by Brooklyn's finest mid-century inspired and modern furniture purveyors, West Elm.


Desperately Seeking Succulents

"It's not easy being green "- to quote Kermit the Frog's song of froggy woes, and I have proven that true, time and time again over the years. Lord knows how many basil plants I've sentenced to the organic recycling in my time. 

Indoor plants have become a 'growing' trend over the last year or so, and as always Instagram and Pinterest have become plentiful with plant-filled homes, that really inspired me to dip my toe back into the compost - so to speak. But my worry was, would the usual botanical botch ups ensue?


Space NK // Summer Skin Saviours

Space NK Summer Skin Saviours

With better weather on the horizon I wanted to whip my skincare routine into action to ensure perfect levels of hydration are maintained during the summer months. So I popped into Space NK on Grafton Street, in Dublin to pick up some summer skincare boosters.