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Elevate Your Easter: Floral Styling

With just a couple of days until Easter, I thought I would share with you a couple of very simple yet impactful centrepieces you can create for your Easter table, using mostly supermarket flowers.

All the supermarkets have really upped their floral game recently, with pretty spring blossom bouquets in abundance that are also easy on the Easter pocket. To create this blog post, I picked up a few bunches that were reduced but still in great condition from my local supermarket along with some long stemmed Stock in pretty spring shades from my local florist Bretts in Naas, for that true country garden feel. 

I love Stock, it is such a pretty traditional flower, and it's great to celebrate the gorgeous garden varieties we have closer to home as opposed to more exotic stems native to further afield.

Tall Floral Centrepiece

The first centrepiece is the easiest, though it can look more complicated than it is. You will need:

  • A tall clear vase
  • A clear plastic hi-ball glass, or a a plastic bottle (carefully cut in half!) to allow approx 1 inch gap between the wall of the vase and the tumbler
  • Water
  • Pair of strong florist scissors / garden secateurs and a knife
  • 3 to 4 lemons (depending on the size of vase)

To start, ensure your vase is perfectly clean (this will help prolong the life of the lemon slices). Fill the plastic glass three quarters up with water and add some flower food if available. I suggest half a typical sachet. Carefully place in the centre of the vase. 

Slice the lemons into thick slices and start to layer up from the bottom of the vase, hiding the plastic glass. 

Trim a couple of centimetres off each stem - Stock can be quite woody, so take care and use a pair of strong florist's scissors or garden secateurs to do this. Arrange the stems by placing each inside the hi-ball one by one.

And voila! Striking centrepiece for your Easter table or hallway.

Long Table Centrepiece 

To create a linear floral centrepiece I have used an old wooden tool box. You can find similar wooden creates and boxes in stores like TK Maxx and Homesense or even a budget friendly plastic window box would work. If you had some time, you could even spray one a pretty pastel colour. 

For this display you will need:
  • A long wooden box, window box or other suitable container
  • A couple of blocks of floral oasis and a tray for each (depends on size of your box/container)
  • Plastic sheeting or bag to line inside of the container.
  • Pair of floral scissors /secretares and a knife
  • 3 to 4 lemons (depending on the size of vase)

Steep the floral oasis in water in the sink or basin of water.  Line your box with the plastic sheeting to waterproof and help with any spillage when later watering the display. I just used the plastic covering that the flowers were wrapped in.

Insert the oasis in their trays inside the box.

Using the fuller flowered stems to start, trim to the desired length, and starting from the centre place your first stem into the oasis. Then to balance, place similar sized stems at either end.

Ensure a good colour mix. Now start to fill in the gaps with the remaining foliage. Don't be afraid to add in some foliage from your garden too! Ensure both sides evenly filled and balanced. 

And there you have it, another simple, yet stunning spring floral display for your Easter table to wow your guests. 



20 Irish Interiors Instagrammers You Need To Follow

Today is St. Patrick's Day, where we here in Ireland and folk all around the world celebrate all things Irish and drench the world in 40 shades of green and the odd drop of the 'black stuff' too for good measure! Irish interiors today are a long way from the little thatched cottages celebrated in classic movies like 'The Quiet Man' - though who doesn't love a sweet thatched cottage?

So, to show you just how fabulous Irish homes can be, here is a snapshot of 20 inspirational Irish Interiors Instagrammers (in no particular order) whose homes and interior styling are an inspiration. Of course, my list of favourite homes doesn't just stop at 20 and there are many other fabulous Irish homes that are not included here.

1. @behind.theyellowgate

One of my co-hosts for our interiors tag #mygorgeousgaff,  Dee's divine Galway cottage is the stuff Scandi dreams are made of. She's cleverly designed the renovation of her original cottage home, to maximise the space seamlessly marrying old and new, and effortlessly mixing dark and light tones to create an all together truly inspiring home with depth, and texture. This Galway girl, has a gaff to die for!

2. @houseoffourwinds

Aisling's home in the famous gastronomic town of Kinsale, County Cork on the southern coastline of Ireland is a super Scandi-inspired space with boho botanical vibes and lots of natural textures AND deadly DIY ideas like her pallet radiator cover. She's also a cacti collector extraordinaire. Watch her feed grow with more inspiring posts to come.

3. @aproudhome

A true creative talent, Joanne Mooney is another one of my co-hosts on #mygorgeousgaff. Her home is a Mecca for colourful design inspiration, and fantastic upcycled pieces like this gorgeous grey dressing table. Her lightbulb moments of interior creativity are soon put into action, as she picks up a paint brush and just goes for it! Joanne's canine sidekick 'Rocky', who has been know to steal the limelight on many occasions from this stunning North County Dublin home, is 'King of her Casa', and often photobombs her posts, as he casually lounges by the island in her beautiful big kitchen. 

4. @insect_chart

Paul O'Rourke's amazing apartment that was just featured on Irish TV's 'Home of The Year' show, is a showstopper if ever there was. Carefully curated with a huge array of interesting objets, Insect Chart is a luxe-meets-industrial-meets-boho feed is a cool cocktail of mixed genres and shows Paul's creativity to perfection. 

5. @vintageirishkat

Katrina Carroll's home is a treasure trove of vintage finds and clever hacks. Her gorgeous gold framed gallery wall is instantly recognisable on your feed, and her keen vintage magpie eye means she never misses out on fabulous finds like this stunning 50s pink boudoir chair.


My final co-host for #mygorgeousgaff to include here. Ciara Rees's cool East Coast cottage in Inch, County Wexford is a blueprint in how to take a traditional cottage and transform it into a modern space, whilst still retaining its inherent character. She runs her online interiors store from here, and her stunning space provides a perfect backdrop to her edit of desirable decor items.

7. @6highstreet

Tanya Ross has taken a tired Georgian townhouse in her hometown of Tullamore and utterly transformed it into a stunning space that embraces both its past as a house once of note in local society, and its present as a fabulous family home. She is a pioneer in revitalising these gems of the Georgian era in regional towns across the country. Filled with French antique finds, and salvaged pieces it boasts an elegance synonymous with the Georgian style fused with a modern design aesthetic.

8. @wioleta_kelly

Already a chart-topping interiors blogger in her native home of Poland, Wioleta Kelly has been cutting a serious design dash at home here in Ireland too. Based in Abbeyfeale, County Limerick where she runs her interior design business, she is heavily influenced by the style of Joanna Gaines and the hugely popular American home design show 'Fixer Upper'. No stranger to an upcycle or two, and an advocate of a chic New England style neutral palette, Wioleta is passionate about all things interior design related.

9. @ruby.aimee

Ruth's maximalist Mayo home is beyond breathtaking. She is an interiors maven whose creativity knows no bounds it would seem. Her home is an alter to dark interior decadence with layers of texture and interesting vignettes. Each post invites you in to explore her collection of interior pieces, and unique finds.

10. @foxhollowstyle

Bronagh's beautiful home in County Clare is full of colour and character. She mixes upcycled pieces with original mid-century and vintage finds, all set against gorgeous greys and beautiful blue hues like this stunning gallery wall. It is a warm and inviting home, and her feed is a joy to scroll through.

11. @carrow_lane

Carrow Lane is a fabulous feed by Cathy McGoven whose home County Fermanagh is an eclectic mix of fabulous vintage and boho pieces, some of which she sells via her Etsy shop. Mixing patterns and textures, it has traditional whitewashed stone walls that she has layered her look upon to create a cosy boho vibe.

12. @gillderiu_

Gill Deriu's cool Cork home is a lesson in open plan perfection. Her loft-style kitchen is to die for with its industrial styling and those jade green Tolix chairs. Her music zone with her monstrous Monstera perched beside her vintage piano, makes you want to sit down and play away. Boho cool at its best.

13. @frieda_100

A self-confessed mid-century magpie, Frieda's fabulous Phibsboro home would make Don Draper swoon.  With lush plants in abundance, warm wood tones and lots of iconic mid-century originals, Frieda's home is a modern take on the Mad Men era. A place to lay one's Trilby and call it home.

14. @nine.and.ten

An amazing monochromatic feed, Agata's home in Cork is a crisp clean-lined true Scandi-styled home. She creates the most beautiful flat lays and her interior styling set against a fresh white backdrop with elements in blonde wood is pure perfection.

15. @fiona.mcp

Who wouldn't want to curl up with a good book on this classic Eames lounger in this stunning home owned by Fiona McPhillips.  Fiona recently renovated her classic red brick home with its stunning stain glassed front door and elegant vestibule and has since written 'Make The Home You Love' - her guide to navigating your way along a similar rebuild path that she's already blazed a trail along.

16. @my_tinyshedlife

It's not the size of your space that matters, it is what you do with it. Jessica considers herself to be 'tiny house obsessed' and her beachside petite home, though small on size is big on style. A true inspiration to being creative and clever with your space.

17. @ruby.loves 

Ruthie has given her cute Kildare cottage a makeover by lovingly layering her personal style over it. A charity shop treasure seeker and lover of all things vintage, she has breathed new life into this space and has created a cosy colour-filled vibe in this artisan home. Her feed is full of sweet vignettes of her vintage finds.

18. @oldvictoriannew

Darran Heaney has given a renaissance to his recently renovated Victorian red brick house in Phibsboro in Dublin, marrying Victoriana with industrial vibes. Lush velvets in jewel tones provide a contrasting opulence to the cool loft-like finishes. His feed is beautifully shot and curated.

19. @thehousethatwill

Norma's feed captures her beautiful home perfectly. With a divine decor including cobalt blue wood panelled walls her entire home is adorned with gorgeous new and antique pieces  - it's a real countryside haven.


Katty's uber cool home in Northern Ireland with its boho-Scandi vibes is a great 'go to' feed for style inspiration. Her red brick industrial style kitchen and living area is to die for, and you will pour over each and every post to drink it all in.



Mum's The Word // Gift Ideas for The Interiors Lover

A Mammy's home is her palace, so if you're looking for some last minute inspiration as to what to get the 'Interiors Loving' Mum for Mother's Day tomorrow, check out my edit below and get shopping!



Dramatic Monochromatic // IKEA x Bea Åkerlund

Holy Kallax! You may want to sit down on your Ektorp sofa for this one, especially considering we have all been staring into colourless white space over the past week with 'The Beast from the East' and 'Storm Emma', so your eyes may not be ready for such a visual feast.

IKEA have definitely been thinking outside of the self-assembly box with their latest 'on the edge' collaboration with fashion activist Bea Åkerlund. They literally have gone topsy-turvy on what one might expect from an IKEA collaboration.



Dreaming of a White Christmas // The White Company at Kildare Village The White Company

When I left Edinburgh to return home to Ireland people often asked me what I missed most. Of course the obvious things like friends, the cool relaxed mode of living in Edinburgh and the city itself - its stunning architecture, old cobbled streets, its nooks and crannies and old stone stairs tucked in between buildings - I could go on and on. And then there were the lifestyle aspects like bars and restaurants and shops. When it came to shops, The White Company was one I missed the most.



Spend Big for Small Business Saturday

Claire and Tom The Old Mill Stores Cork

Today is Small Business Saturday, so here's to the purveyors of the niche, the makers of cool, those captains of small industries who tirelessly make and or sell the most interesting products. In a world of big and bland when you want to find something unique these days for your home, I guarantee you will find it in a small business. I have listed below only a tiny selection of some of my favourite small businesses with a top interiors pick or two from each.



Cold November Rain // Six Sublime Umbrella Stands

If like Axel Rose when he laments lost love, you've been out walking in the cold November Rain, then chances are (if today's anything to go by) you've a very wet umbrella to store when you get home. Yet, despite being well versed in rainy weather we don't always have somewhere to store these soggy messes when we return. We only ever remember we need somewhere, or something, when we literally arrive in the door drenched with said soaking brolly in hand.



Arnotts 20% Off // My Homewares Lust List

I love a good bargain and nothing makes my interiors heart fill with joy quite like a sale event. Especially if there are classic pieces to be had at a rare reduction.


West Elm // Brooklyn's finest arrives at Arnotts

To say I am excited by this recent news, is an understatement. For the past while now, my Instagram feed, favourite interiors sites, and interiors magazines have all taunted me with the most exquisite pieces of furniture, soft furnishings and home accessories by Brooklyn's finest mid-century inspired and modern furniture purveyors, West Elm.


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